Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maybe This is Our New Normal

I have wanted to update my blog for the last few months, but have not been able to access my account. I was losing hope there for awhile, thinking that I had lost it all. As you can see, I got back in! :)
  God has done some awesome work the past few months. We have really seen Him move His hand in our life. Let me say this though, God moves His hand in our life every single moment, we just fail to recognize that. We can't take a breath without God allowing that to happen. Cliche? No. Just a simple truth we forget frequently.
  After we let our little D-Man go the beginning of May, we continued to follow the Lord's calling of doing foster care. We took in a 6 month old baby girl. Baby K came to us with some caarazzzzyyy hair. (that's not why she was in care haha) I will never, ever, ever forget that head of hair. I don't think I have ever seen that much hair on a 6 month old. Needless to say, my desire to do a little girls hair (without her arguing with me) was about to come true. I got to learn so many techniques and tricks to hair styling. Besides the hair, baby K was extremely sweet. She was such an easy baby. We always gave her "K Kisses" and every time we would ask if she wanted "K Kisses" she would get the biggest smile. ( K kisses were just simply kisses with her name tacked on lol) She was such a joy to have. When she left, she went to be with her family who love her so much. We are always scared to let them go into the unknown, but she is in a home that loves her so. After baby K, we welcomed another little girl into our home!! So many girls! We have still had our Baby boy J, so Joshua still has someone on his team ;) Baby J and our new baby girl S, are one month apart. We have gotten to experience "pretty much TWINS"! We have our insane times with them, but for the most part, it is sooo nice because they are both on the same level. Both walking, self-feeding, play well together, etc. :) They both love to give each other hugs too. Sweetest thing ever is to see 2 littles hug.
 We love to talk about the individualities of each of our kids. It's fun and funny to look back over the past year and remember and laugh at the "not so funny at the time" events that occurred, but we have also come to a point to where we can look back over the past 13 months and see what a blessing it has been that God has allowed to have children in our home. I have prayed and prayed that God would allow us to have a child of our own (through adoption or pregnancy), but my eyes were opened to something within the last few months and weeks. God's intentions for creating me were not to fulfill my fleshly desires. Does He give us the desires of our heart if we delight in Him? Yes, but His purpose for creating me/us was to glorify Him ultimately. So maybe the Lord has us on this path for a reason that I have been overlooking. We keep looking forward to when we have a child of our own, but when we do that, we are missing out on how God wants to use us right here where we are now. What a challenge. So if never having a child of our own and serving the Lord through helping orphans would bring more glory to Him than us having a child of our own, then so be it. I never thought I could come to that point, but I have, and it is only because the Lord has worked on my heart and brought me to that place. As I always say, I am looking forward to the next step of this journey :)

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